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Budget-minded businesses

Young startups


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Best Fit For:

Growing businesses

Teams scaling quickly

Fast developers

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$899/mo paid monthly

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Thriving businesses

Tech-heavy teams

Strategic leaders

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Pick a plan that works for you.

Plans are priced according to service level and size. We offer

a predictable, hassle-free model. No hourly charges or surprises. 

What's Included

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QBO Plus subscription

Hubdoc subscription

New Account Setup

Chart of Accounts Setup

Bank + CC Reconciliations

Bank Feeds

Categorize Transactions

Monthly Income Statement

Monthly Balance Sheet


Custom Reporting

Monthly Review Meeting

Startup/ New Business




Growing Business




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Smart bookkeeping, made easy.


Take the stress out

of tax season.


Quick support when

you need it.


From communication to delivery, we keep it simple.


Reports delivered right

to your inbox.


Build a plan that fits

your unique needs.


Plans built to scale

with your business.


How it Works


Tell us about your business and needs, and we'll share our solutions with you. We'll examine your books and propose a plan to get back on track.


When you're ready, we'll be off to the races! We'll set up and link accounts, dig in on any clean up, and get your books fully up to speed.


Now that you're a client, you can rest easy! Each month, we'll book transactions, reconcile accounts, and deliver monthly reports right to your inbox. 

Estimate your monthly plan below

Use the calculator below to estimate your monthly cost. When you're ready, we're happy to discuss your needs further and help you find the right solution. 



Why should I use online bookkeeping services?

Our bookkeeping service is designed to perform the same work that a traditional bookkeeper would, except more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost. Rest easy knowing your books are kept in order and on time.

What separates McNally CPA from other providers?

Simply put, we know our stuff. With McNally CPA, you can rest easy knowing your books are maintained by a professional with years of experience and credentials to back it up. You've worked hard to build your business, and we can help you protect it. We are a CPA firm and Advanced Certified Proadvisors in Quickbooks. We have the expertise to help you make sound business decisions. Oh and did we mention taxes? We do those too. No more spending hours catching up at year end, tracking down receipts, or scrambling to coordinate your bookkeeper and CPA. We make tax time a total breeze.

How do I know which plan is right for my business?

No worries! We can help you find the right plan. Here's some additional info to help: The STARTER plan is ideal for young startups and budget-minded businesses. Businesses with 1-2 bank accounts, relatively low transaction volume, and total monthly expenses under $10k. The CORE plan is ideal for growing or scaling businesses. Businesses with 1-4 bank accounts, increasing transaction volume, and total monthly expenses between $10k - $20k. The PRO plan is ideal for a developed business with a larger transaction volume. Businesses with more than 4 bank accounts and total monthly expenses in excess of $20k.

Can you file my taxes too?

You bet. We make tax time a seamless process. Because your books will already be maintained with us, we can jump right into tax mode. And because we keep your books up to speed, we can also alert you to any red flags during the year instead of at tax time. Simply put, we can help you avoid landmines along the way!

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, absolutely. We don't lock you in.

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes. Our plans are designed to scale alongside your business.

Do you offer invoicing, bill payment, or payroll services too?

Yes, all of the above. Because needs vary from business to business, we offer these services as additional options for your monthly plan. We'll be happy to build a custom plan tailored to fit your unique business.

Does bookkeeping really help?

Absolutely. Keeping good books will give you a better picture of where your business stands. It can tell you where your money is coming from, where it's going, how much money you made this month, who owes you money, plus much more. With timely bookkeeping you can keep a pulse on your business's health, make well-informed decisions, and take the stress out of tax-time.

My books are behind. Can you get them caught up?

You bet. Depending on volume, we can provide you a custom price and add it to your plan.

How does billing work for my plan?

If you've selected a monthly payment plan, we'll bill the agreed-upon monthly rate on the 1st business day each month. For semi-annual or annual payment plans, billing date(s) will be determined by the start date of your plan. No hourly charges. No surprises.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we do! We offer payment discounts of 5% and 10% for semi-annual and annual billing, respectively. This can be a great way to save, and we're happy to go over the numbers with you. We also offer special discounts throughout the year. Follow us on Instagram @mcnallycpa and on Linkedin to stay tuned. Check out the links in the page footer and don't miss out!

Are the plans priced per business?

Yes, plan pricing is per business. However, if you have more than one business, we'll be happy to provide a monthly plan with custom pricing.

How do the plans work?

First, select the plan that fits your business and needs. Next, choose a payment plan. Pay monthly, or take advantage of valuable discounts with semi-annual or annual billing.

Are your plans tax deductible for my business?

Yep! Accounting fees are a common business expense and are generally deductible for the year in which they're paid.